Best. Form letter. Ever.

So far today, four people have reported getting this enticing form letter fail in their email this morning. Below are two examples of Samsung rep “B.G.” earning his recruiting fees:






Though in a way, Travis said, ” I kind of appreciate the directness [..] no attempts at weird flattery (you came highly recommended to me through a colleague!)”

It’s all about increasing the top of the funnel and total transparency: We might be looking at the future of recruiting here.


About recruitingfail

I don't know if it's just engineering, just my friends, or just this year, but recruiters seem to be getting worse. Much worse. It doesn't help that they can make upwards of $20k a year off one candidate, so why not just throw a bunch of emails at the wall and see what sticks? I'll collect my friends' and my Recruiting Fail examples here. Feel free to send your own! Without further adieu, here's: How NOT to find good people. View all posts by recruitingfail

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