Misleading Title Fail

What companies do you think of when you hear the phrase “highly backed start-up in San Francisco”? Maybe well-established companies like Square or Dropbox? Color, after they announced their $28M series B in 2011?  Coursera, with their new $43M round?

You probably wouldn’t have guessed that the “highly backed start-up in San Francisco” was in Mountain View. Or that they IPO’d more than two years ago. Or that their founder & CEO left 4 years ago and is now a venture capitalist. By all accounts, LinkedIn is a great company. But they’re not in San Francisco. And at some point, you have to stop calling a company a startup. I’d wager you pass that point some time before you IPO.

Company Description Fail

Add that to the non-work email address from the 90’s and the many non-capitalized proper nouns, and we’ve got a winner for this week 🙂


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I don't know if it's just engineering, just my friends, or just this year, but recruiters seem to be getting worse. Much worse. It doesn't help that they can make upwards of $20k a year off one candidate, so why not just throw a bunch of emails at the wall and see what sticks? I'll collect my friends' and my Recruiting Fail examples here. Feel free to send your own! Without further adieu, here's: How NOT to find good people. View all posts by recruitingfail

One response to “Misleading Title Fail

  • Ashley Laurel (@AshleyLaurel)

    Wow, there are so many things wrong with this note! The first thing that bothers me is the collection of grammatical failures. Mistakes happen, but not even bothering to capitalize multiple words? Yikes!

    Sometimes I see a note like this and feel bad that this person doesn’t have a decent manager reviewing their work. Other times I just wonder how this person even got a recruiting job in the first place.

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