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The pro-active approach

Sometimes a recruiting company persists with spam, even after weeks and repeated requests to stop. Here’s an approach for those who want to step things up and start getting pro-active (and who knows, maybe even fix a systematic problem).

Here’s an example:

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This is not the cold email tactic you’re looking for

Recruiter writes: *force persuade* You will respond to this email...

From the submitter:

“Actual email I got from a recruiter after I ignored his three previous emails. Looking for suggestions on the best way to respond to this.”

Humans vs Mutants

"Human?! You dare call that... thing -- HUMAN??"

Panel from X-men: God Loves Man Kills 2. via

We might have another record for strangest recruiting fail! Sent in by an alert reader we’ll call V.M., since they wished to remain anonymous.

Subject: Exciting company is looking for Full Stack mutants!
(full email and screenshot after the fold)

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Recruiting Fails, or: How NOT to find good people

I don’t know if it’s just engineering, just my friends, or just this year, but recruiters seem to be getting worse. Much worse.

It doesn’t help that they can make upwards of $20k a year off one candidate, so why not just throw a bunch of emails at the wall and see what sticks?

I’ll collect my friends’ and my Recruiting Fail examples here. Feel free to send your own!

Without further adieu, let’s see some examples of how NOT to find good people

Go recruiting!